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Jail cell

 Infinity Bonding Agency Inc. provides fast, friendly, and professional bail and bail bond services to clients in Buffalo and Western New York. We answer calls 24 hours a day to assist you with the bail or bail bond process.Our agents travel to most counties in New York state and no bail amount is ever too small. Call Infinity Bonding Agency today to bring your loved ones home.

The Bail Process

The bail process usually requires cash for the full amount of the bail. Bail Money is deposited in the local court or jail in exchange for the defendants release. When the defendant completes his or her required court appearances the bail money is returned to the depositor. Bail can usually be posted 24 hours a day at most county jails.

The Bail Bond Process

The first step to getting a friend or family member released with a bail bond is to pay all necessary premiums/collateral and complete all required paperwork. The bond is then prepared and presented to the court or judge for review. When the bond is approved a judge signs a release order which is then taken to the jail for the defendant's release.

When Choosing A Bail Bondsman

The most important part of choosing a bail bondsman is to be certain they are licensed by the New York State department of financial services. It is illegal for anyone unlicensed to post a bail bond and it could potentially subject you to a fraudulent transaction or theft. Although collateral requirements differ between bail bonds companies the premium paid for a bail bond is set by law and must be the same amount regardless of the bail bond company you choose. Dealing with a bail bondsman that charge anything other than the premium set by the state is illegal and should be considered suspect. A good bail bondsman provides good service. When you call around to search for an agent you will want to work with someone who answers their phone and return calls quickly. A good agent will be friendly and patient when explaining the bail process and be certain you understand all the terms and conditions you are agreeing to. An experienced bail bondsman will have personal relationships with courts, district attorneys, and judges that allow after hours and weekend releases. If one agent says the defendant cannot be bonded after court hours it is best to ask other bail bond companies if it is possible. If you have travel restrictions your agent should attempt to accommodate the meeting point of payment or paperwork. Infinity Bonding Agency Inc. can arrange for out of state family or friends to bond out a defendant in New York without having to be physically present. Finally, it is a good idea to choose a bail bondsman that oversees the status of the defendant's case. As the signer of a bail bond you become financially liable for the full amount of the bond if the defendant fails to appear. Some bail bond companies may fail to act in the event a bond is forfeited by the court. Choose a bail bondsman that has experience locating and surrendering fugitives to limit your liability when signing a bail bond contract. 

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